Unresolved Mysteries Of This World

WHAT HAPPENED TO AMELIA EARHARTAmelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic and the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland. But during an attempted flight around the world in July 1937, Earhart vanished over the Pacific, and her plane wreckage was never found. Her disappearance remains one of the greatest

unsolved mysteries of the twentieth century, according to history.com.



THE REAL IDENTITY OF BENJAMIN KYLEIn 2004, A man that would soon adopt the name Benjaman Kyle woke up outside of a Burger King in Georgia without any clothes, any ID, or any memories.
He was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia, unable to remember who he was, and with no identification, unable to find out. Local and state police failed to discover him in any known records despite an exhaustive search. And then in 2007, the FBI became involved, but were also unable to identify him, making him the only US citizen in history listed as missing despite his whereabouts being known.

When people hear about a disappearing airplane, the case of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 will more than likely pop in their heads. Before Flight 370, a lesser known case involving a man named Ben Padilla occurred in 2003.

In Luanda, Angola, a country in Southern Africa, Ben Padilla worked as a flight engineer at Quatro de Fevereiro Airport for two months at the time of the incident. On May 25th, 2003, along with another man, a mechanic, named John Mikel Mutantu, the two were preparing a Boeing 727 for a flight when the aircraft began taxiing without any kind of communication with the tower or the crew. It eventually took off towards the Atlantic Ocean and has not been seen since. To date, its fate is unknown.

On a summer’s day in the town of Strasbourg during the year 1518, a woman began dancing wildly in the street. The day turned into night, the night turned into morning, and she was still dancing. Within a week, 34 others had joined her, dancing as though they were possessed, without stop, for no apparent reason. And within a month, the number of dancers had reached 400. Religious sermons were called to address the issue.

Physicians were called in to document the event and try to find a solution. And all the while, the dancing worsened. Many became ill or died as a result of exhaustion, strokes, or heart attacks. The authorities eventually decided that the only way the dancers would recover is if they danced it out of their systems. Gild halls and a grain market were opened to the dancers, and a wooden stage was even constructed for them. Musicians were even brought in to keep those affected moving. Numerous theories have been proposed for the cause of the bizarre event, including poisoning, epilepsy, typhus, mass psychogenic illness, and even secretly coordinated religious rituals, but to this day we still have no answer for this truly unbelievable historical event.

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