Tired Eyes Exercises

Unlike Other Muscles OfBody Eye Muscles Are Very Important. Now A Days We Have Various Technical Advancement Which Starts With Computer And Ends With It, By Sitting So Long In Front Of Computer And Mobiles We Are Straining Our Eyes And We Need To Give A Short Break To Relax Them. Here Are Very Simple Exercises Those Can Help To Sooth Our Eyes Without Taking Out Extra Time From Our Busy Schedule. It Will Be A Good Idea If We Take Opinion From An Eye Doctor Before Going For Any Exercises.There Is No Harm In Trying These Eye Exercises If You Do Not Have Any Eye Conditions That Will Be Aggravated By Prolonged Use Of Your Eyes. But If You Have Serious Eye Conditions like Cataracts, Blindness in One or Both Eyes, Or a Recovering Cornea Injury, Avoid Doing These Exercises

1. Palming : It Is Very Easy And Can Be Performed Anywhere You Just Need To Rub Your Palm Together And Just Covering Your Ryes With Palm And Let The Eyes Feel The Heat Of Your Palm For Few Seconds.


2. Massage:Do A Full Face Massage: Soak A Towel In Warm Water. Rub Your Neck, Forehead And Cheeks With The Towel. Then, Use Your Fingertips To Gently Massage Your Forehead And Closed Eyes.



3. Focusing: You Just Have To Focus On A Single Object Far From Your Eyes About 3 Feet And Then Increase The Distance.


4. Zooming: Focus On Your Thumb Around 3 Inch Far And Bring Slowly Close To Your Eyes And Repeat 12 To 15 Times




By – Vice Principal – Mrs. Shabana Azmi Malik
Department of Nursing
College Of Nursing UCBMSH
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital

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