Pandemic Diseases

Introduction:- It is an outbreak of global proportions.It happens when a nobel virus emerges among causes serious illness and is easily human transmissible (spreads easily from person to person).It come from the greek word pandemos meaning pertaining people to people.

Definition:- A disease that spreads over a whole community or the whole world,it occur over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population.

Cause of pandemic disease:-

  • It is usually caused by a new virus stain or subtype that become easily transmissible between humans
  • By a bacteria that become resistant to antibiotic treatment.
  • Pandemic emerges and spreads ,humans develop some immunity ,than the virus subtype can circulate among humans for several years ,causing several flu epidemics.

Some pandemic that have occurred includes:-

  1. Plague of Justinian
  2. Black death 1346-1350
  3. Cholera 1899-1923
  4. COVId-19

   Modern pandemics:-

  • People today are more international mobile and more likely to live in cities ,than in the past ,which increase the risk of a virus spreading.
  • Faster communication increases the risk of panic,and the chance that people who may be infected will travel in attempt to escape the disease.
  • It can take months or years for a vaccine to become available ,because pandemic viruses are novel agents.
  • Medical facilities would be overwhelmed ,and there could be shortage s of personnel to provide vital community service,due to both the demand and illness.

Prevention from pandemic diseases:-

  • Less social mobilization
  • Public health education
  • Social change
  • Hygiene maintenance
  • Wash hands often
  • Avoid any contact with animals.

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