Just hear someone say the words ‘plastic’ and ‘surgery’ in the same breath, and you’ll see people frown their disapproval. Shame on the person who flaunts her wrinkle-free Botoxed forehead or augmented chest. And worse, how dare she revel or speak up about in her ‘vainectomy’? We’ll immediately conspire against her, successfully shattering her new-found self-confidence. Not that we spare celebrities. ICYMI, the hate on Twitter and Instagram is real. The problem is, we don’t even think we’re the problem.
While the dangers of the cosmetic surgery shouldn’t be treated lightly, cutting-edge technological advancements shouldn’t be dismissed either. The influx of nonsurgical beauty procedures, laser treatments, out-patient injectables, and at home cryo therapy kits boast low-risk, low-downtime, low cost, lower invasive and completely efficacious options. In fact, it’ll be foolish to sit on a high horse and not leverage these trending, risk-free procedures.

Despite the popular belief, cosmetic surgeries are boon to the society. It helps people who had undergone trauma and had disfigured themselves to change their looks and regain a sense of self and walk freely in the society. There are people who have fire related injuries and have burns which are corrected using cosmetic surgeries. There are individuals fighting skin diseases like hyper-pigmentation, Vitiligo which can take a toll on their self esteem due to their looks which can be rectified with treatments like pigmentation treatment prahran. There are other plastic surgeries available for people with burns and other issues. Lipo-suction is one of the best methods available for a patient with obesity and is struggling to lose weight but is rendering impossible because of a medical condition.

The biggest advantage associated with cosmetic surgery is that it helps an individual in changing his or her appearance. For instance, a woman with a cleft lip can get her lips surgically repaired. It will save her from the embarrassment she had been facing since childhood. It will also help her to regain confidence.
Some women have very large breasts. They suffer from nagging back and shoulder pain because of the pressure. They undergo breast reduction to improve their physical health. The surgery not only helps them in having better posture but also alleviates pain. They feel better about themselves.
Similarly, men are seen to have huge pot bellies. The abdominal fat gets accumulated and does not dissolve easily. It is now medically proved that abdominal obesity has direct correlation with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, and dyslipidemia. A liposuction is done to remove the fat surgically.
Like any other surgery, cosmetic surgery too has the risks involved. It comes under the category of major surgeries and most of the surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia. Some patients have serious reactions to anesthesia resulting in death. The surgery could also lead to haemorrhage causing anguish to the patient.
Another disadvantage is that the cosmetic surgery Thailand may not give the desired results. This will lead to an adverse psychological condition. The person may become depressed, have low self-esteem, and become suicidal. Moreover, the cosmetic surgeries are expensive and are not covered by the health insurance schemes.

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