Was Aliens Involved In Making Kailasa Temple In India?

There is still the search for life in planets other than earth but time to time we heard theories about the aliens and there existence. Archaeologist studying the ancient sculuptures have strong belief that some of the famous structures like Egypt pyramids were made by the help of ancient aliens. There are strong evidences given by archaeologist and other scholars that proves that the famous Indian temple the kailasa temple in ellora cave,maharasthra was made by the ancient aliens.

Why the Archaeologists Believe So?

  • 1. Unlike many temples that were built from ground up, the Kailasa temple was carved out straight from the rock of a mountain from top to bottom. Kailas temple is complete with secret passageways, state-of-the-art drainage system, connecting bridges and complicated designs all carved out of a single rock which is quite impossible for humans to do so without the help of advance technology.
  • 2. It is reported that over 400,000 tonnes of rock were scooped out of a rock to carve this temple out which sounds completely impossible even if there were thousands of artisans employed day and night for 18 years. Modern civil engineers say that it is impossible to build same temple in modern times with modern technology in just 18 years. A feat that the ancient people did without support of any advanced technology.
  • 3. There is no mention anywhere as to where the carved rubble was disposed. A temple of this much size certainly would have left a lot of rubble. And nowhere near the temple it is found that the rubble was disposed. Some say it was used to build some other structure, but no proof of any structure built from the same stone has been found.
  • 4. The temple has a height of 98 feet, was 109 feet wide, and had a depth of 164 feet. This makes it possibly one of the biggest known structures of its kind on the planet. The entrance of the temple faces the west. What is remarkable about the entrance is the degree of accuracy of its facing, giving it a 270-275 degree on a compass.
  • 5. Complete carving is done by using only three types of chisels and men hammering.
  • 6. Mughal king Aurangzeb wanted to destroy the structure. He assigned a team of 1000 men for the same. The team was not able to destroy it despite working day and night for three years. They could manage to disfigure some statues only.
  • 7. Even though the structure is so massive and important but no historical record is available about it.
  • 8. Taj Mahal is believed to be constructed in 21 years but this temple was constructed in 18 years. Using modern day tools, Taj Mahal can be recreated but not Kailasha temple.
  • 9. It is the only structure visible from helicopter out of 32 caves of Ellora.

How this temple was exactly built and when it was built is still a mystery but many believes that this can be carving done by ancient aliens known as Hindu Gods in India.

By – Nursing Tutor – Mrs Deepika
Department of Nursing
College Of Nursing UCBMSH
Uttaranchal (P.G.) College Of Bio-Medical Sciences & Hospital

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